Trix's space garden is under attack from a horde of alien critters!

Can you help her protect it from the wriggling neo-pedes, the hungry spiders and the mischievous fleas? Watch out for the vile worms, poisoning Trix's mushrooms and spitting deadly venom at her! Avoid the lasers, and watch out for the occasional neo-pede stampede!

The Leda Arcade Collection project is a tribute to the golden age of the video arcade - visit the Leda Arcade Collection Concept page to learn more.

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PAOLE 6062Aug 18, 2017
WONG9439Aug 17, 2017
KRISTI9410Aug 8, 2017
SUFRYA7809Aug 5, 2017
POZN.W2584Aug 1, 2017

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